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1. By registering to bid at TcBid.Com you agree to close the transaction pursuant to the terms and conditions of sale and registration.

2. Every item is offered as is, where is and with all faults. TcBid.Com and its sellers do not offer any kind of warranty expressed or implied as to any items condition, quality or value. Inspection of items prior to the day of the auction will be posted on the auction information page with dates, time and location of inspection. No refunds will be awarded for any reason which include but are not limited to: errors in the items description, photo, defect, or any thing wrong with the asset item. It is the bidder's sole responsibility to inspect the item before bidding.

3. Bidders are required to submit a valid full name, address, email address and phone number. TcBid.Com, reserves the right to reject registration to any person or entity for any reason.

4. All invoices must be paid in full within the closing time of pickup. No items may be removed from premises before any invoice has been settled. TcBid.Com reserves the right to ban all non paying bidders from any future auctions. TcBid.Com reserves the right to distribute the unclaimed items in the best interest of the seller.

5. TcBid.Com accepts these forms of payment. Cash, certified check, postal money orders, credit cards via

6. A down payment may be required if a bidder has reached a bidding amount greater then a set cash value. Terms of the deposit may vary by auction. If a deposit cannot be made TcBid.Com reserves the right to reject any bid..

7. A buyers premium is in affect TcBid.Com will charge an additional 13% buyers premium to all invoices. For example if you bid $100.00 on an item and win, your invoice will be charged $100.00 plus a 13% buyers premium of $13.00 for a total of $113.00 plus any sales tax that may apply.

8. TcBid.Com and its consigners reserve the right to have a reserve or minimum selling price on any item. The reserve amount may or may not be displayed depending on the consigned party. Selected items with a reserve will need seller confirmation. On lots with a reserve the auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the seller. TcBid.Com and its auctioneer reserve the right to reject bids for any reason. TcBid.Com also reserves the right bid on its own behalf.

9. Removal of items will take place during designated times determined by the auctioneer. All items must be checked out before leaving the premises. Any bidder or person removing an item that is not theirs they won in the auction will be barred from the premises and banned from bidding on any future TcBid.Com auctions. If a bidder fails to remove an item with in the time frame allowed TcBid.Com and its consigner and/or affiliate, reserve the right deem the item abandoned by the bidder and the bidder will lose any rights to that item, including any payments for said items.

10. By registering with TcBid.Com you agree to hold harmless both TcBid.Com its owner and any consigner against any claim or liability resulting from assets sold, including but not limited to: proximate or consequential damages, failure to comply with local, state or federal laws, and cost or legal expenses arising there from. No person shall have any claim against TcBid.Com, their respective agents or employees for any injuries sustained or damages to or loss of property that may occur at the auction site.

11. No children or pets are allowed at the auction site during inspection or removal.

12. All bidders enter auction site at there own risk. Any accident or harm caused is not the responsibility of the auctioneer or the consigner.

13. If any bidder fails to complete their transaction, TcBid.Com and its consigners reserve the right to dispose of the item at the bidder's expense. The auctioneer and its consigner may offer the item to another bidder. If a bidder fails to complete a transaction they will be barred from future TcBid.Com auctions until all transactions are completed.

14. TcBid.Com acts as an agent to the consigner and is not responsible for actions or principles.

15. TcBid.Com reserves the right to adjust these terms at any time for any reason

16. Malfunction, Shutdown, Loss of Service, Technical errors. Results of an auction may be rendered void if a technical error, malfunction, shutdown, or temporary loss of service occurs. In such an event, TcBid.Com reserves the right to remedy the situation in whichever way best represents the seller, including the cancellation of existing bids. TcBid.Com shall not be held liable in any way for any technical errors, malfunctions, shutdowns, or loss of service.

17. All or any update made on TcBid.Com or its auctions pages take precedent over any advertised ad. TcBid.Com reserves the right to chage the terms of any auction at any time for any reason.

18. No claims will be allowed after an item has been removed from the auction site. Neither TcBid.Com nor the seller shall be held liable for non-delivery to any high bidder of any item if payment has been made but the bidder fails to remove item before the last day of announced pickup/removal times.

19. By placing a bid with TcBid.Com you agree to all the terms as stated above.

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